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Adventure Girl

I love a good adventure. I am an adventure girl, though probably not in the traditional sense most people associate with the label. I don’t mean an adventure like roughing it under the stars in a sleeping bag with a kettle of beans over a fire I built with a couple of rocks and some … Continue reading »

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Blood, Needles, Movies and France

Our church believes in giving, so on some regular schedule that I have never figured out, the blood bus shows up for everyone to donate blood.  I have always had a slight aversion to needles, especially those piercing my skin. It’s not that it hurts overly much, but the anticipation of it nearly drives me … Continue reading »

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I Love Paris Because . . .

Food is definitely one of the reasons Paris is my favorite city. The wine, the sauces, the bread, the crepes, the pastries. But one of the things I really love is La Cure Gourmande.   The biscuits and sweets are to die for, but the entire shop is a journey into a pastel and sugary … Continue reading »

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