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Is That Dog Poop I Smell???

One of My Knight’s selling points for Harvey the RV was that we could take the dogs with us.  We have four, and it’s always sad to leave them behind when we travel.  So I have to say that once we got Harvey on the road and actually camping, one of the things I have … Continue reading »

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Harvey the RV Gets Ready for Camping

Well, naturally as soon as we acquired Harvey the RV, My Knight was chomping at the bits to go out exploring the wilderness and the open road.  (Or a state park close by.)  So he took Harvey in to have a little check-up and make sure everything was working properly before we took our 1986 Cousin-Eddie-wannabe … Continue reading »

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Harvey the RV

So I am sure that many of you would question my sanity (or more realistically question My Knight’s sanity) if I told you we went camping again after the flooded festival.  I would be there right there with you, but the truth is, we did venture out in a few more tent camping trips. I … Continue reading »

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