Learner’s Permit. The Next Step in the Journey. (EEK!)

So Dr. Smooth got his learner's permit this week.  In other words, the number of gray hairs on my head has multiplied learner's permitconsiderably.  It seems so odd to sit on the passenger side and look over and see him driving.  I have some control issues with being in the passenger seat anyway, so it takes a lot of deep breaths and concerted efforts to make my voice remain calm. I feel confident that he has a good head on his shoulders and that he is responsible and careful.  I feel confident that he will become a good driver with practice and experience. It's all the other idiots drivers on the road that I worry about.  I feel suddenly hyper-aware of all the dangers that exist in our daily travels.  What if that one doesn't stop? What if that one pulls out in front of him? What if that one crosses the yellow line?  What if that one is texting or drunk? Continue reading "Learner’s Permit. The Next Step in the Journey. (EEK!)"

Dr. Smooth and My Knight in Tarnished Armor

So obviously blogs are pretty personal, and to write a blog you are putting yourself out there, giving up some level of privacy, and opening yourself to  vulnerability with each post you share.  So I felt it was only right that I would ask my hubby and my son what level of involvement they wanted in this new adventure of mine. I started by asking the hubby, figuring this would be fine with him since he has been involved in me doing this all along. Goddess:  "So are you okay with me talking about you in the blog?" Hubby: "Why would you talk about me?" G:  "Oh, I don't know, maybe because it's about my life?? And you're kind of a big part of my life???" H:  "I don't know.  Are you gonna make me sound like an idiot?" Continue reading "Dr. Smooth and My Knight in Tarnished Armor"