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It’s Easter. Choose Love.

It’s Easter y’all.  And that means Choose Love. Every day we are faced with hundreds and hundreds of choices.  Some choices are trivial, seemingly meaningless, and others are life-changing.  In all of these, no matter how mundane or significant, we ultimately make a choice based in love or fear. Think about it. Fear of failing. … Continue reading »

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Just Write. Words.

Just Write.  That’s the challenge.  Some days the words pour through me uncontrollably as though a plug was pulled, and my soul is draining with each keystroke.  They come fast and furious, one right after another, stories and memories and characters and plots all weaving together seamlessly as my fingers fly. Other days the words … Continue reading »

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Known by Love (why everyone should have an Aunt Zula)

Lots of people commented or wrote about my first blog post to show their support, and I send a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!  I am feeling the love and loving it!  Several said reading about my leap into following my dreams inspired them to look at their own lives and their own … Continue reading »

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