Summer in 79 Words

I recently entered a contest for Esquire magazine's 79th anniversary. They asked writers to submit a story that conveyed plot, theme, characterization, originality, and the topic "Summer".  And all that in a limit of 79 words. Seriously, people?  I don't sneeze with less than 79 words. As those of you who read my blogs or listen to me talk already know, I don't know the Cliff's Notes abbreviated version of ANYTHING.  When I tell a story, I go down more rabbit holes than Alice in Wonderland.  I can type up stories all day--pages and pages.  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  But editing them?  Knowing which blah to cut out?  AACCK! So I tried to just concentrate on coming up with an idea that would be unique and catchy.  I figured everyone else would do beach or boating or barbeque or something so typically summer.  I wanted to be different and stand out among the entries. Continue reading "Summer in 79 Words"