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Yoga at Home…with Dogs

In an effort to cut expenses and support my habit as a full-time writer, I gave up my gym membership.  I have a bazillion workout tapes and apps available at home, and I figured I would just get my sweat on here. But can I just go on record as saying that yoga at home … Continue reading »

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Pope Walter

All the talk in recent headlines about the Pope resigning and the new Pope being chosen makes me think of a humorous little experience regarding My Knight and the Pope.  Pope Walter.  What??? You never heard of Pope Walter??  Let me explain.Years ago, we were on a cruise and planning to see an afternoon movie.

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Did Lucille Ball Ever Drive a U-Haul?

A good friend moved to a new home recently.  Boy, was I happy when she hired professional movers.  I would have gladly helped her, but I sure do hate moving.    I hate the packing, the loading, the unloading, the unpacking.  And I hate the U-haul trucks. When I moved from an apartment into the first … Continue reading »

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Where’s the Beef in Customer Service?

Has customer service just laid down and died? Has it gone the way of Kodak, Polaroid and Twinkies? I catch a glimpse of it now and then, but it seems that more and more the experiences I have out in the world are lacking in customer service. Maybe my standards are a bit high. I … Continue reading »

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