No Zero Grading Policy

notebooks and binders for class size blogThe Orlando Sentinel published an article this week about the no-zero grading policy.  It appears that high schools across Central Florida are starting to incorporate the policy of giving nothing below a 50%.  This has been a common practice for many middle schools for several years now. The article in the newspaper actually said it is against state law to do this, and that the state statute says Fs should be graded as 0-59 and that an incomplete assignment should be a zero.   That's news to me as a former teacher who was strongly encouraged (pretty much forced) to never give below a 50%. I was shocked to read a statement from an Osceola County spokesperson saying that Osceola County schools do NOT use a grading policy of F being less than 50%, especially since the official policy we were given as teachers at an Osceola County middle school was to have nothing below a 50%. Continue reading "No Zero Grading Policy"

Penguin Eggs and Chewing Gum: Why I Quit Teaching

When people ask me why I stopped teaching, I think I am just going to say "Penguin Eggs and Chewing Gum".  After all, I haven’t figured out how to wrap up five years of frustrations, tears, joys, triumphs, defeats, red tape, and nightmares into a quick, easy answer.  It doesn’t really fit into one sentence all neat and cheery with a bow. I left teaching for many reasons.  First and foremost, to follow my dreams.  That being said, it is a scary economic proposition to leave a full-time job to pursue the unknown.  So it would have been better to have a job I could love, enjoy, tolerate, or not slit my wrists over to substantiate our income while I become the me I've always wanted to be. I did not leave teaching because I hated teaching.  I actually enjoyed teaching.  I loved the “light bulb” moment, the "click" and the eyes lighting up when students actually got it.  To be able to help them understand something, or to help them see it in a new way, was incredible. Continue reading "Penguin Eggs and Chewing Gum: Why I Quit Teaching"