Snake in the Tub: An End to All Bubble Baths

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the tub! Dr. Smooth was weeding the flower bed in front of my bathroom window and called me outside to see a rather long snake skin that had been left there. It was obviously a statement from the snake. It was a warning. And it worked. When we first looked at this house, I walked into the master bedroom and saw this tub.
garden tub where snake in the tub was found
The Mac Daddy of Bubble Bath Tubs
That did it. Sold. I had to have this house. You see, I love(d) me a bubble bath. And this tub was perfect for it! It has one garden tub perfect for reading or bubble baths, or a snake in the tubside for sitting up reading and another side for reclining back to relax and sink under the scented, warm, silky-soft water. Covered in bubbles, surrounded by candles, reading a good book, calming music---that was a little slice of heaven and relaxation that I treasured. Until the fateful morning that I woke up and found a snake in the tub. Continue reading "Snake in the Tub: An End to All Bubble Baths"