Funeral for Cheetah the Chimpanzee

We enjoy activities with animals, so I bought a Groupon deal for a primate sanctuary visit.  Life got too busy to use it until it was about to expire (typical), and the only day we had available for the whole family to go and visit the simians and chimpanzees was New Year’s Eve (last year--2011). Worried they might not be open on NYE, I started trying to call, but always got an answering machine.  After days with no call back, I started to think maybe they had shut down or were not open during the winter holidays.  I finally had the brilliant epiphany to check their website, which told me in huge bold headlines that Cheetah had passed away. Cheetah, Tarzan’s beloved chimpanzee, had been given to the sanctuary years ago by Johnny Weissmuller, the original Tarzan.  Unfortunately, the chimp had passed away on December 24th.  (I quickly deduced this may be why they weren’t calling me back.) Evidently, his death had sparked some pretty big controversy brewing regarding the validity of Cheetah’s identity.  The website had a statement issued by the sanctuary’s owner refuting the media claims that this was not the original Cheetah and insisting that her father had received the chimp when she was a child. Continue reading "Funeral for Cheetah the Chimpanzee"

Known by Love (why everyone should have an Aunt Zula)

Lots of people commented or wrote about my first blog post to show their support, and I send a heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you!  I am feeling the love and loving it!  Several said reading about my leap into following my dreams inspired them to look at their own lives and their own dreams.  I think that's awesome.  We should all do an inventory every now and then to ask where we are and where we want to be. I think we all want to look back on the life we lived and be happy with the overall picture.  But our professions, our possessions and our accomplishments will not define our lives as much as who we were to those around us.  What would those who knew me say if they were asked who I was?  Was I a good friend?  Was I loving and kind?  Did I make time for others?  Did I help those in need?  Did I make people laugh? (hopefully with me, not at me) Did people know I loved them?  Was my desk always clean and organized?  (Yeah, I figure it's a gimme that I'm going to fail on some of the questions.) Continue reading "Known by Love (why everyone should have an Aunt Zula)"