Yoga at Home…with Dogs

In an effort to cut expenses and support my habit as a full-time writer, I gave upPilates, yoga, Hip Hop Abs, workout DVDs, Yoga booty ballet, home workout my gym membership.  I have a bazillion workout tapes and apps available at home, and I figured I would just get my sweat on here. But can I just go on record as saying that yoga at home just doesn’t cut it? One of the things I enjoy about yoga is the relaxing environment.  The calmness, the soft lighting, and serene music.  Some yoga instructors even offer essential oils to dab on your towel so that the whole experience is aromatic.  And people tend to speak quietly at yoga.  No one talks loud there. Yeah, none of that really happens at my house.  My home environment is just not conducive to relaxation, meditation, and getting in touch with my inner self as I align mind, body, and spirit.  (And if yours is, let me know and I’ll be happy to come and do yoga at your place.) One of the things I miss most about yoga at the gym is being alone on my mat. Continue reading "Yoga at Home…with Dogs"

Tattoos, Pole-dancing, and Cirque du Soleil

My knight decided to get another tattoo and got a recommendation for a highly-talented tatt artist.   He asked me to come along, and I agreed because I like spending time with my knight, and I also want some input on any paintings I will be looking at for the rest of my life.  I wouldn't want him buying a piece of art for the living room without my input, so why wouldn't I help with this? He failed to mention that the tattoo studio was in a pole-dancing bar!  Well, actually, it's a pole-dancing school that happens to have a tattoo studio and bar in it.  I guess pole-dancing is a hot trend in exercise right now, because lots of spas/gyms offer these classes. It will come as no shock to most of you that know me, but I had never been in a pole-dancing club.  I think my mouth dropped open . . . and stayed that way! Continue reading "Tattoos, Pole-dancing, and Cirque du Soleil"