A Knight’s Wedding Proposal

Today I celebrate my six-year anniversary with My Knight.  So I thought I'd let you in on how a knight does a wedding proposal.  Well, this knight anyway. There had been a few clues that it was coming.  There were references to "when we get married," or "when we get a house" , or "our kids will", or "when we grow old we'll." Continue reading "A Knight’s Wedding Proposal"

Reflections of Life Left Behind in the Dust

  My personality has many facets, so I expect that my blog will as well if it is to accurately reflect me.  It definitely would not be a complete picture of me without some aspect of photography (Did ya catch that? Clever, hunh?) and of course, old stuff.  I love taking pictures, and I love old stuff. Old stuff like books.  I love gingerly flipping through yellowed pages wondering who read those words, sliding my hand over the dusty cover, thinking of all the hands that may have touched this book before mine.  Who were they?  Where did they live?  Where did they go?  Why did they have this book? Did they like it? I have an old trunk in my living room, (a couple of them actually) and I always wonder what stories that trunk could tell.  Where has it been?  What treasured belongings and worthless objects has it held?  Did it travel far, or rest confined in an attic somewhere? Continue reading "Reflections of Life Left Behind in the Dust"