Being a Wedding Planner is Fun . . .isn’t it? (Haywire Part 2)

I thought some of you were going to lynch me for ending the first part of this story with “To Be Continued”, so here you go—the much anticipated ending. We pick up where we left off with the church lady complaining about smoking FOOD in the boys’ room, so if you missed it, click here to read part one first! “Yes, ma’am. I’ll go talk to them right now.” I smiled through gritted teeth.Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France I called my assistant to update her on the photographer situation and learned that the electrician would not come out on a Saturday. (Wonderful.) However, it was possible that they might be able to use one of the generators to at least get some of the kitchen equipment going. Whew, what a relief! They’ll have food to eat! In the dark. With no air conditioning. And no band. (And for the first time, I was happy that there wouldn’t be pictures.) Continue reading "Being a Wedding Planner is Fun . . .isn’t it? (Haywire Part 2)"

Fried Chicken & Gravy on Satin

People always ask why I quit doing weddings.  There wasn't just one reason.  Part of it was that weddings just got out of hand.  TV shows like Bridezilla and Platinum Weddings ruined them.  Brides started to think they were supposed to yell , scream and stomp their feet to get what they were entitled to.  Couples with a $7500 budget wanted $750,000 weddings, and they felt cheated if they couldn't have them. When you really think about it, every wedding is planned on a budget. Some budgets are just more generous than others.  I always tried to get my brides to figure out what was most important to them; what was non-negotiable?  What aspect of the wedding did she have to keep in the budget in order to make the day what she wanted it to be? It may be a certain photographer, an awesome band, or exotic flowers. A few had a dress or a cake that was the pinnacle of happiness.  But usually if we could figure out the most important element for the day, then we could trim the budget elsewhere to make it come together. Of course, to do this, it helped if the wedding couple had some tiny little shred of common sense and decency.  Something that was non-existent with a bride we’ll call “Toni”. Continue reading "Fried Chicken & Gravy on Satin"