Snake in the Tub: An End to All Bubble Baths

Posted by on December 7, 2012
Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the tub! Dr. Smooth was weeding the flower bed in front of my bathroom window and called me outside to see a rather long snake skin that had been left there. It was obviously a statement from the snake. It was a warning. And it worked. When we first looked at this house, I walked into the master bedroom and saw this tub.
garden tub where snake in the tub was found

The Mac Daddy of Bubble Bath Tubs

That did it. Sold. I had to have this house. You see, I love(d) me a bubble bath. And this tub was perfect for it! It has one garden tub perfect for reading or bubble baths, or a snake in the tubside for sitting up reading and another side for reclining back to relax and sink under the scented, warm, silky-soft water. Covered in bubbles, surrounded by candles, reading a good book, calming music---that was a little slice of heaven and relaxation that I treasured. Until the fateful morning that I woke up and found a snake in the tub. It was summer, but I was up early for a professional development class. As I turned on the water in the shower stall, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye in the tub. It was a big, fat, slimy, black lizard--a skink actually. I'm not too freaked out by lizards, unlike my mom who could hang from a chandelier by one pinkie finger until my daddy gets home if there is a lizard in the house. Living in Florida means accepting that lizards are everywhere. They run out in front of you along sidewalks; they crawl all over the plants in the lanai. I don't really get bothered by them. Bath & Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Bubble Bath and a CherubSomehow, every so often, we get a lizard or a skink in the tub. And they can't get out because the walls are high and slippery. So usually Dr. Smooth will come in and catch the poor fellow and let him outside. (I said I didn't get bothered by them; I didn't say I wanted to chase one around my tub and pick him up and hold him while he wiggles and squirms 'til I get to the front door.) So the thought crossed my mind that morning that Dr. Smooth was at his dad's house; therefore, I would need to either steel myself to rescue the skink (Ewwww) or leave him there all day to suffer (Ewwww). So I walked over and leaned down to look at him as I pondered the undesirable choices. Suddenly, more movement caught my eye in the dim morning light. A long, skinny head was coming up out of the drain at the bottom of the tub. And he didn't have any little front legs at all.
small non-venomous snake that almost caused a heart attack as a snake in the tub

I Don't Think This Is A Lizard

I freaked. I ran over to My Knight and shook him from a deep slumber. "THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE TUB! THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE TUB! GET UP! HURRY! THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE TUB!" I put this in all caps because in my head I was S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G, but in reality I was just hissing loudly next to My Knight's sleepy ear. I was worried if the snake heard me, he might pop his head back down the drain. And then we'd have to move to a different house because I wouldn't know where he was or when he was coming back. My Knight barely opened one eye and said, "It's probably a lizard." "I know the difference between a lizard and a frickin' snake! GET UP!" He rolled out of bed and walked, slow as molasses on a cold morning, stretching and taking his dear, sweet, the-snake-is probably-getting-away time. He yawned and looked over in the tub. "That's a snake." "YES, I KNOW THAT. I TOLD YOU THAT. DO SOMETHING!" At that, the snake popped his head back down in the drain, and My Knight reached down and closed the drain. "There, problem solved," he said calmly, and WENT. BACK. TO. BED. Goddess: "The problem is most definitely not solved. How the hell did a snake get in my tub? And what if he comes back?" My Knight: "The drain's closed. He can't come back. He was probably after that lizard." And he pulled up the covers and closed his eyes, which I wanted to gouge out. "A SNAKE JUST CAME UP THE DRAIN INTO MY TUB. I WILL NEVER USE THAT TUB AGAIN. HOW DID HE GET THERE? HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT, IS HE?" No answer from the bed. I had always thought this was urban legend. Snakes in the toilet, snakes in the tub, snake in the tub coming out of the drainsnakes on a plane---oh, wait. That's a bad Samuel L. Jackson movie. But seriously, how did he get there? And what if there were more? What if they are in my closet? In my clothes? What if I had been sleeping and one had come up through the tub and slithered into my bed? I took my shower with the shower curtain open, watching the tub drain for any sign of movement. (Just so you know--the stall and tub are two separate places. I wasn't stupid enough to get in the tub with the snake in the drain.) I went to class and told any random class attendee who spoke to me or even made eye contact: "I found a snake in my tub this morning. Came up through the drain. Did you know that could happen? I didn't know that could happen. I thought that was a myth." It made for a quite a few interesting conversations throughout the day and for some people avoiding eye contact with me the rest of the day, but I could not stop thinking about the snake. I wondered where he was and if he would come back if I ever opened the drain (which I was never going to do, of course). I wondered if he had been there before and if he, or his siblings, had ever gone exploring beyond the tub. And I wondered where his mommy was, because he was just a tiny snake, but a bigger snake could easily scale a tub wall. They climb straight up trees! So at the end of the class, I anxiously returned home expecting to see my bedroom looking like Indiana Jones's worst nightmare. Trixie was staying with us at the time and had missed all the excitement that morning as she slept. She freaked out worse than I did when I told her she'd been sleeping in the house all morning with a snake. I had left her to take a shower in the guest bathroom unaware of what could possibly lurk in the drain. (It honestly never occurred to me that he could have gone to another drain. Hell, it didn't occur to me that he could come up my drain in the first place!) I was laughing as I told her I was sure he was long gone, but if she heard me scream from the bathroom she would know he was back. Then I walked into my bathroom.
snake in the tub wrapped around the drain

Houdini Snake

; That drain is still closed, people. That little serpent came up through the overflow hole and out into my tub. Picture for just a second a snake coming out of your overflow hole and falling/slithering into your tub. Freaky, ain't it? I screamed, I danced, I jumped, I cursed. The snake did too, but in frantic, squiggly snake coming out of the drain in a bath tubmotions around my drain. I yelled for Trixie. She stood outside the bedroom door and screamed. She would not even come in the room. I called Dr. Smooth at his dad's and asked if anyone could drive him over to catch the snake (Something he loves doing which I don't understand. He gets it from his daddy.) He was home alone, and although I probably would have let him drive alone at 13 to get this snake for me, he had no keys and no vehicle. I called My Knight. He was working, and stubbornly refused to stop working and drive over an hour home to catch this snake and get him out of the tub. Sheesh. I was on my own.snake in the tub coming up out of the drain Now folks, I am an animal lover. Through and through. And I don't believe in unnecessary killing. But there was a snake in my tub. And you may say he was tiny (like Dr. Smooth did) or you may say he was harmless and not venomous (like My Knight did), but "harmless" and "in my tub" don't go in the same sentence together. He's not harmless if I have a heart attack. He's not harmless if he gets in my closet and is hanging off my shirts when I go in to get dressed one morning. He's not harmless if I wake up to see him hanging from the rails that go across the top of my bed. Sometimes, you just know things about yourself. And I knew in that moment that I was not strong enough to reach over and pick up that little snake and carry his wriggling, slithering, striking-at-me, little body outside to go screaming to his mama. I just couldn't. The snake had to die. If I wasn't strong enough to carry him, I had to be strong enough to kill him. (And I apologize to all animals rights activists for this act, and you are welcome to come to my house and catch snakes in my tub anytime to keep them from being killed.)
snake skin left behind that dredged up the snake in the tub

There may be more snakes outside!

I yelled to Trixie to go to the shed outside and bring me a shovel. She flat out refused. Said there might be a snake in there. Well, honey, I know for damned sure there is a snake in here, so I need you to go get me something from out there!Nope. Wouldn't budge. And I understood. Like I said above, sometimes there's things you just know about yourself, and Trixie knew she couldn't go in the shed with snakes on the brain. So I asked her to come in the room and watch the snake to make sure he didn't disappear while I went to the shed. (Where I thought he was going, I don't know, but I wasn't taking any chances that I would come back in and find him gone. Then we'd have to move. And without packing anything.) Trixie flat out refused. Couldn't do it. So I told her to go to the pantry and find a broom or something. She came back with a freakin' Swifter, the kind with the swivel head that flops all around on the end of the stick. She threw it through the bedroom door. (I love you, Trixie!) I grabbed the Swifter and stuck it down in one of My Knight's work boots and tried to smush the snake. He fought back valiantly. The boot fell off the Swifter and lay on its side in the tub, so the frightened snake crawled into it. (Cue whole new wave of heebie jeebies as I watched him climb into the boot.) I took the Swifter and poked the boot to turn it over. He fell out in a writhing mess, and I screamed and jumped up and down like an idiot.
neon picture of a snake in the tub that has been killed

No match for a Swifter

Finally, I got the boot on the stick-end of the Swifter and ended the poor snake's terrifying last moments with a few quick blows. Knowing that snakes can sometimes play dead almost as well as possums, I poked him a couple of times with the Swifter to make sure he wasn't going to go all squiggly on me again. He was dead. I grabbed the camera (and those of you who know me well are not at all surprised that I was taking pictures of this throughout the ordeal) and leaned way over the tub, zooming in to get a good shot. Suddenly with the last spark of life in his reptile bones, he lunged at me mouth wide open. ; Snake in the tub striking in defense America's Funniest Home Videos would have paid record amounts for that scene of me coming back up away from that tub and levitating in mid-air screaming. (I know it's a tiny snake, but I was zoomed all the way in, and things look much closer in the zoom lens than they are in real life. And larger too.) garden tub with candles and curtains and light streaming through the windowSo the tub is sealed. I don't even climb over in there and clean it anymore since that would require running water, opening the drain, and being inside the tub. I told My Knight he might as well fill it with dirt and use it as a planter. Gets plenty of light with all those windows. But in the last few weeks, I'd been looking at that tub and really wanting a nice, hot, bubble bath. It's been more than a year since that happened, and I haven't had any nightmares about snakes in the bed lately, and the heebie-jeebies have pretty much worn off when I think about the snake in the tub.
Snake Tail warning that the snake in the tub is not forgotten

I Know What You Did Last Summer and I'll Be Back

And just when I thought maybe it was safe to go back in, the mama snake left a message in skin just outside the window. I know it was her. She let me know that she hasn't forgotten. And I ain't getting in that tub. ; ; P.S. Shout out to the Verizon guy who asked about the snake skin outside and got way more explanation than he probably wanted. No SWAT yet.

23 Responses to Snake in the Tub: An End to All Bubble Baths

  1. Jaime Magnanti

    When you wrote about this on facebook when it happened I had to stop reading it then, today i had to stop reading this again because of all of the damn snake pictures! I can’t! OMG, make the pictures go away! it is bad enough i have to relive this trauma (for me not you) but to have to look at these skinny gross crawly things is just too much! I am going to have to pass on this one. I LOVE all of your other stories though! LOL Have i ever mentioned that I DISPISE snakes more than anything in this world? It has taken me a long time to stop checking my shower for snakes since i first learned of this happening to you and now, i will have to start again!

  2. Tay Donaldson

    This was so great! I laughed so hard while reading this, remembering how I used to be like that.. Now I walk around with a snake always around my shoulders!

  3. Donna Peters

    Oh my gosh Leslie!!! Your story totally gave me the hebbie gebbies. I can’t stand snakes either. Totally gross but thanks for sharing your story. It was a good laugh .

  4. Lisa Hale

    Yikes! I would be freaked out for months, maybe years!

  5. Angie Ladd

    Alright….I had the HARDEST time reading this entry. I HATE SNAKES!!! I can’t stand to even see pics of one. I read this while on my Kindle Fire, so my hand was way too close to the pictures. I love how sympathetic John is. Jeesh! Too funny.

    • The Goddess Howe

      Yeah, He gets demoted to a Knight in Tarnished Armor for this one!

  6. Michael O'Feild

    Leslie, Now you do not have to buy a rubber ducky to play with during your bubble baths. Sneaky snake is free!!!

    • The Goddess Howe

      Thanks for the positive spin, but I’m thinking I’ll just stay out of the tub!! :0)

  7. Kris

    I so love this one and so remember this when it happened. I so hate snakes as well. I could not sleep for days after this. I love you too.

    • The Goddess Howe

      YOU couldn’t sleep!! You were halfway across the house! I was in the same room as the tub! Love ya!

  8. Joseph

    I have no idea how I stumbled across this listing… but I had SUCH a hard time reading this.
    The poor snake! He was just a baby, and lost, and harmless, and he had to die?! You beat this tiny animal to death just because it happened to be in your tub? I am disgusted. And then you posted pictures of this abuse for attention.

    Shame on you. I am astounded you can say “I don’t believe in unnecessary killing.” How about not killing an innocent animal that would only have benefited your home (corn snakes are harmless and eat pests like mice).

    P.S. I would also like to remind you that this incident was a lesson to your daughter: “Killing innocent animals that happen to get in our way is OK! Especially if they’re nasty, gross snakes!”

    Disgraceful. I have nothing left to say.

  9. Kenneth T.

    Just had our first snake in the tub incident, just minutes ago (yep, it’s true), too. My wife acted pretty much the same way, “there’s a snake in the tub, there’s a snake in the tub”. Me taking my time (sound familiar?) had to come to the rescue. Mind you, I know why this snake is there, I just don’t know how he got there, unless it was up through the drain – which was plugged. We had just got a batch of chicks delivered two days ago and we have them in the tub until we have their brooder ready. -Sadly one of the chicks was killed by this snake.- My wife is screaming her head off, the snake is flipping out. My wife goes to get a broom and dust pan, handing me the dust pan…. Uhhh…. I don’t think that’s gonna work for me. LoL The snake is shaking it’s tail all the while so now she is convinced it’s a rattler (because she can hear it rattle). *sigh*. Needless to say, I capture the bloody beasty and put him in a coffee can and then transport him down the road from where I live. And off he goes released back into the wild.
    All in all we sadly lost a baby chicken and now my wife is afraid to use the bathroom.

    • The Goddess Howe

      Thanks for sharing your adventure!
      I don’t know how ours got in the tub. A friend who is a plumber told my hubby it’s impossible for them to come up the drain…..but he was exiting the drain when I saw him, and it sounds like you had the same thing happen. Doesn’t sound impossible, does it? I’m with your wife. Scared to use the bathroom!

      • Kenneth T.

        Not impossible here, just highly improbable. You see, we had a camper hooked up to our septic tank temporarily and it seems that the wastewater drain (sink toilet) hose came disconnected from the main (house) line. I would guess that a curious snake decided to make a home in the new found “cave” and found his way into the house.
        The drain in the bathtub has a built in screen to prevent things (larger than water) from going down but the sink drain does not. My guess is that a bit of trial and error and the snake came in that way.
        The simplest answer, even though unlikely, is the only answer I have. LoL
        *I’ve fixed the camper/house drain line, btw*

        • The Goddess Howe

          Sounds completely plausible and probable! Not sure how mine got in, but we fixed the problem, too…..We moved!!! ;o)

  10. Elizabeth Egan

    This morning I went to run my bath and there was a 2.5 ft snake in my bath tub! It was black in color and looked either wet or shiny, and had a triangular shaped head. I saw it’s little forked tongue as he eyed me. I grabbed my phone to take a picture– but due to the fact that I was shaking- it came out a bit blurry. I used a broom handle to close the drain. I did the same to the double-sink drains but forgot to shut the toilet lid. I closed the bathroom door and stuffed a bathmat tightly on the outside while I called a friend for advice. He suggested I go back and shut the toilet lid while I was waiting for him to arrive. I went back in the bathroom and the snake was gone! I looked in the toilet bowl, lifted the lid and checked the back of the toilet too. My friend arrived and we checked under bathroom cabinets and in the closet. There are no gaps around the plumbing under the sink, no other openings except the small slit on the overflow. Could this snake have slithered up the tub or sink spout? The bathroom is still sealed off. We live in a home surrounded by woods in creosote, Virginia. Seeing the snake was bad…but not knowing where it went is worse! Eeek!

    • The Goddess Howe

      EEEK!!!! I’m just seeing this comment because it got sent to a folder….but what did you do? Did you move out of the house and leave all your belongings behind?? Did he come back? I don’t think I would have been able to sleep without knowing where he was!

  11. Elizabeth Egan

    Crozet, Virginia

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