Saturday Through My Lens: Venice, Italy

Posted by on February 16, 2013

 Today's Saturday Through My Lens features photos I took on a trip to Venice, Italy years ago.

Gondola Center Stage

Venice is a magical city of water, wine, gondolas, music, and great Italian food!

Bridge to Pasta

It is as though the entire city flooded, and the residents couldn't be bothered to bail out.  So they just bought boats and carried on with life.

Avenue of Water

No bustling streets filled with cars, buses, taxis, cyclists and pedestrians.

Venice in the Light

Traffic consists of boats, water taxis, and the iconic gondolas.

Gondolier on a Break

Only the tourists ride in gondolas.  And they pay a hefty fee to do so.

Gondola Park

But it wouldn't be Venice without them, now would it?

No leaning tower here!

The waterways are not the only beautiful view in Venice though.

Wall to Wall Rooftops

The crowded rooftops cover the fingerlets of land amid the waterways.

Onion Domes of Venice

And it is here that the influence of merchants from the Middle East left their mark on Venice's history.

Venetian Architecture

The cathedrals of Venice are not like those of her sister cities throughout Italy with their European architecture.

Basilica San Marcos

The gold leaf overlay and curved lines of Basilica San Marcos illustrate Venice's rich history, so different than that of Florence or Rome.

Standing Guard

Different they may be, but no less grand or awe-inspiring.

Waterside Worship

It is amazing to see these structures and realize how much labor went into their creation.  We do not have the skilled craftsmen today to create such masterpieces of art from stone.

Stretching in Stone

The fact that they still exist is a testament to the quality of the work and the dedication of the artists.

Teeter Totter

But the waterways that make her famous may drown Venice as her buildings sink,  crumble, and sway underneath centuries of the water's ever-erosive presence.

Charge by Moonlight!

It is so sad to think that so much history and beauty may one day succumb to the water's hypnotic and dangerous dance.

Speak No Evil

Long ago, gossip, secrets & accusations could be placed here anonymously for the officials to deal with.

Venice Sunset

I, for one, hope the sun never sets completely on the secrets and history of this mystical and magical place.  I am thankful I was able to navigate her waters at least once.

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  1. Mom

    BEAUTIFUL!!! The thought of the loss of such abundant beauty, history, and art is quite sad.

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