Saturday Through My Lens: An Alligator Baby Bedtime Story

This week's Saturday Through My Lens features a real sweet story about my neighbor and her new babies.

Florida Alligator

Once upon a time, I went to visit my neighbor at the end of my street.

Florida Alligator

We don't talk much. She's the quiet type. Florida Alligator Babies

It was a special occasion 'cause she had just brought out her brand new babies.

Florida alligator babiesI can't say they were really cute babies.

Florida Alligator BabyMaybe they looked like Dad, who luckily was not home at the time. A dragonfly on an alligator's eye..

Mom was in a real good mood and being tolerant of all sorts of visitors.

Buzzards in a tree waiting to prey on alligator babies.

Well, she was tolerant, until these rude guests showed up demanding dinner.

Florida Alligator defends her young from vultures.

She shared a quick stare-down with them that basically said the kitchen is closed. Florida Alligator And then faster than you can say "I'll have a large order of baby gator nuggets", she swam to the babies and corraled them in close.

A Florida alligator protecting her young

She hugged the bank as each baby swam in to be near Mama in case the vultures flew. And suddenly one of them did just that!

Florida Alligator takes a baby in her mouth to save it from a vulture

And much quicker than my finger and lens shutter could react, Mama turned and snapped that last straggling baby gator in her mouth, safe from the vulture's claws.

Florida alligator holds a baby gator in her mouth to protect it

All I could see of the baby was his little striped tail hanging from her mouth, but I sure could hear him making that odd, high-pitch sound baby gators emit. Florida alligator release baby from her mouth

Although the reflection on the water hides him from my camera, I could see him swim away as she barely opened her mouth to let him go.

Florida Alligator

With the threat of the vulture guests gone, Mama let the babies go back to playing.

Florida Alligator sunning

Then my neighbor was pretty much like any other mom; she relaxed and enjoyed the sun while her kids played nearby.

Florida Alligator Eyes

But she kept one close eye on them, and since the buzzards were gone, she kept the other eye on me. So I bid her goodbye and headed home. You don't want to wear out a new mom's welcome. It ain't neighborly.


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  1. OMG, you’ve written a children’s book I WANT in my class and most MONTESSORI schools especially in Florida would buy! How can you get it printed?

  2. I loved it. I would much rather read about it than see it in person so thanks for sharing this amazing story of the protection of a mother’s baby.

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