Saturday Through My Lens: Rainy Day

Posted by on May 4, 2013
And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down...... rain on a lanai screen roof This past week, the Sunshine State has been a little short on sun. It is gray and dreary and spooky outside.  The raindrops are too big to fit through the screen, so they form a beautiful roof of glass and crystals over my pool.  Tiny insects surf the roof in swirls and loops that leave designs for me to ponder. oak tree droppings look like spiders in the rain And the oak tree litter on the screen gives me the willies because it looks like spiders above my head.  It is not all gloom and despair though. Rosebud with Rain Drops The flowers and plants seem to rejoice as they celebrate the rain in vibrancy and vitality. Fresh Tomatoes on the Vine The water drips off them in a display of overindulgence and delight in being satiated.

Squash flower in the rain

The delicate blooms that wither and gasp in the heat and humidity of the relentless sun drink up the moisture and relish in the cool dampness.

Red Peppers Thrive in the Rain

The colors are almost surreal and too intense for a man-made lens to capture.

Bouganvillea in the Rain

And still the rain comes down.  Everything is wet.  The dry ground forms puddles, and the pond and the pool grow full with the ever-falling drops.

The raindrops dance on the water with a musical plip-plop melody. And the baby gators pop their heads up to watch the show from an eye-level seat. DSCF8071 baby alligators in the rain But if it doesn't stop soon, my pool will overflow and my rubber ducky will be carried away with a whistle. Rubber Ducky in the rain

4 Responses to Saturday Through My Lens: Rainy Day

  1. Mike O'Feild

    Beautiful. I just wished we had gotten some of that rain in Citrus County. Little or no rain here for couple of weeks now and it was already dry.

  2. Jan sheldon

    I loved the fluidity of your words. They reminded me of swirls if ice cream.

  3. Mom

    Makes me remember our donning rain gear and walking the neighborhood during a spring rain.
    There’s such a clean, and in some way cozy, feeling when exploring in the rain. Very evocative piece!

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