I Just Don’t Wanna Do It

Isn't it nice when you find out a friend shares a crazy quirk you have?  Somehow relating to someone else makes it feel a bit less crazy, right? I just learned that one of my closest friends hates to pump gas as much as I do.  I love her even more for this! I can't really explain why I hate pumping gas.  It's not like it's a difficult or challenging task.  Not even really particularly time-consuming.  It just annoys me.  The whole process of having to stop whatever I'm doing or wherever I'm going, get out of the car, go inside to pay, pump the gas, smell like gas, blah, blah, blah. Of course, pay-at-the-pump makes it easier.  Easier for me to pay and be done quickly.  And easier for crooks to steal my credit card or debit card information.  Aargh. As a result of my aversion to pumping gas, I never stand there long enough to fill it up.  Which is completely stupid, since filling half the tank only leads to making even more pump stops. I have the indicator light down to a science.  As soon as the "empty" light comes on, I reset the trip odometer to zero.  Then I know I have about 46 miles to go.  And I push it right to the limit every single time. I've only run out once (thank you MJ for coming to my rescue!).  Although, I think I was traveling on fumes and angel wings one morning when I was still teaching.  I stopped to get gas on the way to school, about 40 miles into my red light.  I went inside for a Diet Coke morning caffeine fix, paid for my gas, and left.  About halfway to school, I noticed the blazing red light and wondered how on earth the red light was on when I had just pumped...ooooohhhhhhh....that was when I realized I paid for the gas but didn't actually pump it.  (Something I am embarrassed to admit has happened probably five times in my driving life!) I called the store number on the receipt, and luckily, the cashier had seen me leave and shut off my pump so no one else got my gas.  However, I was now closer to 50 miles into the red light.  I knew I couldn't make it to school and then back to the station after school, so I called the school secretary to say I needed someone to cover my homeroom and coasted back to the gas station on a wing and a prayer. One would think I would be intelligent enough to realize that all this causes way more stress than just filling up the car with gas to start with.  I never said it was an intelligent or rational quirk, though!  In fact, I think most quirks are by definition irrational. I have a friend who hated to check the mail.  Absolutely abhorred it.  Dreaded it so much she planned other things to do in order to avoid it.  Her mail would pile up in the mailbox and the mail lady would end up bringing things to the door.  I asked if she was worried about bills or hated dealing with junk mail.  But no.  She just hated going to the box and going through the mail. A fellow teacher extremely disliked putting away laundry.  She would wash it, fold it, and stack it.  All over the house.  And then she would find what she needed to wear in the stacks of clothes.  She said she tried stacking them on the bed once to encourage actually putting them away, but she slept on the couch for three nights in a row before she finally just moved the stacks. Another friend cannot stand going grocery shopping.  She puts it off to the last day possible, and even wakes up that morning in a bad mood knowing she has to go to the store. That one I don't relate to....I actually LOVE going to the grocery store.  It's like shopping with permission to buy without guilt!  In fact, I did all the grocery shopping for my mom when I was in high school, and we both loved it. I also was in charge of unloading the dishwasher since my mom hated doing that.  She didn't mind loading it, but didn't want to unload it.  She jokes that me unloading the dishwasher was what she missed the most when I left for college.  (At least I think she was joking! Ha!) What is it that makes a seemingly mundane, easy-to-accomplish task become so loathsome and repulsive?  Why do we hate something and build it up to add more stress to our lives than if we just went ahead and did it? I'm curious to know if anyone shares my issue with pumping gas.  If not, what is your quirk?  What is it that you absolutely hate to do and will put off doing way beyond the point of reason?  What chore or task drives you mad?  Maybe you have something your partner, roommate, or spouse does for you just because you can't stand to do it? Years ago, I took my great-aunt shopping for the day.  On our way home, I pulled into the gas station and asked which side of the car her tank was on.  She looked at me, dumbfounded, and admitted she had no idea.  SHE HAD NEVER PUMPED GAS A SINGLE TIME IN HER LIFE.  N-E-V-E-R.  E-V-E-R.  My uncle took her car each week and filled it for her, and had for nearly half a century.  I was green with envy.  (Are you reading this, My Knight?  Hint, hint.) So come on, people.  Confess.  What's your quirk?  

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  1. I love that in NJ they do not allow you to pump your own gas. When I moved to FL in 1993 I felt indignant that I had to pump it! By the time I moved back to NY/NJ 4 yrs later I was so quick pumping gas that I could pump it and pay before a song was over on the radio. Back in NJ, I was so annoyed with how long they took to just walk over to my car! I preferred the quickness of doing it myself. Although I’d never choose to pump it myself during winter. After 18 yrs back up north I do prefer the luxury of having it pumped for me.

    1. Maybe I should move to NJ! Or, they also pump your gas for you in Italy…..Hey! I could definitely move there! I see your point, though, that when they pump it for you, you are at the mercy of how long it takes them to get the job done. Just a different stressful annoyance, I guess! ;o)

  2. Do you know my absolute favorite reason for shopping at Aldi? I GET TO BAG MY OWN GROCERIES! Not that I enjoy the task, but, apparently, no one is ever trained on how to bag groceries at Publix, Walmart, or Target! And I put my groceries on the conveyor in the order they it needs to be bagged. I mean, come on, it doesn’t get any easier than that! And yet, some how, some way, my bags are always a jumbled mess. And don’t even get me started on not keeping the frozen/cold stuff together and separated from boxed goods. Really? I need to train the baggers EVERY week? But, honestly, is this really my quirk or theirs?

    1. You could do like My Knight does….he just tells the baggers at Publix he’ll take care of it and bags his own. In the beginning, a manager would almost always come by and offer to take offer while looking around for a bagger with concern, but they all know him now and they just stay out of his way and let him bag. As to whether it’s your quirk or theirs, I think it is your quirk based on their lack of competence! ha!

  3. The thing I can’t stand doing is grocery shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will do whatever it takes to get out of going. A couple days ago!! I went to a friend’s house for her Christmas party and I got a texted from my husband saying we are out of toilet paper. My friend gave me 3 rolls!!! Needless to say the next day I had to go to the store. I have been getting together with friends to do a bunch of dinners to put in the freezer, that will last for over a month. I am so ready to do that again. I didn’t have to worry about the main part of the meal and I would just have to get together side dishes. I have actually thought of you Leslie, because I know that you like grocery shopping. I am willing to pay you to help me get organized to get the groceries. So that’s it !!!!!

  4. I don’t like grocery shopping, but most of the time Rob and I do it together and it goes faster because I can get apples or whatever, while he gets bananas, etc. I also don’t like ironing, but Rob loves it because he said it is a stress reliever for him! Fine with me.

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