About The Goddess Howe

The Goddess HoweHey y’all!

The dreaded About Me page.  I have no idea how to explain ME.  I think reading the blog is the best way to find out about me, because I pretty much pour out my heart, my thoughts, my fears, my inadequacies, my triumphs, and my sense of humor.

But you clicked on this page, so you must want to read something about me.  So here goes.

I am woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend.  And human being after 9am.

I am a drama queen and a hopeless romantic.  I am perpetually late and much less organized than I should be.

I am an author and an actress (and a great karaoke singer the later it gets and the more the audience has had to drink).

I am passionate and I am compassionate.  I talk too much, but I’m working on listening more.  I am a tad bit stubborn and a bit of a “right-fighter”.

I believe we should always choose love in every decision we face.  And I believe we can change the world one person at a time.

I know none of that qualifies me to be a Goddess, so let me explain.

Dictonary.com defines the word GODDESS as:

god·dess /ˈgɒdɪs/ [god-is]/noun Professional Goddess Howe

1. a female god or deity.
2. a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm.
3. a greatly admired or adored woman.


I think we can safely rule out #1.

But I think I can partly claim the title because through My Knight’s eyes, I fit the bill for #2.

And who wouldn’t want to be #3?

So since this is my dream and my blog, I get to be a Goddess.

You can be whatever you want to be on your own blog.  So don’t be hating on my title on mine.  ;o)




What do you think about it?