Saturday Through My Lens: Alafia River State Park

Here Comes the Sun
I  absolutely love taking pictures. I drive my family nuts taking thousands on every trip we make.  I love to catch the light just so. Or that little architectural detail against a blue sky. Or the intricate flower petals showcasing Our Creator's imagination. And smiles. Of course I love catching smiles!
Spider Wooden Web
Photos capture a moment and freeze it in time. They allow our minds to replay memories in vivid details.  They remind us of moments we may have forgotten. They show us the beauty that's already there around us. Continue reading "Saturday Through My Lens: Alafia River State Park"

Jersey Shore: Memories of Sunshine and Funnel Cake

My heart breaks for the Jersey Shore.  Not the show, the people.  The real people with real lives and a real disaster to clean up after.  My husband's family went to the Shore for his childhood summers, and it is close to his heart.  We have vacationed there a couple of times, and it always delighted me to see how happy he was there in that magical place from his youth.
The Real Jersey Shore
Although my heart and prayers go out to all the victims of Sandy, I feel a special tug at the loss of the boardwalks along the Jersey Shore.  I think it always affects us differently when the disaster hits someplace we know. Of course, they'll rebuild.  But it will be new.  Different.  What was there--the history, the nostalgia, the memories--can't be rebuilt.  Even when they build it back, it won't be the same boardwalk, the same roller coaster, the same pizza parlor.
Night skyline of the BoardWalk Attractions
Sometimes what makes a place so special is the history and the memories.  The Jersey Shore is not the most beautiful beach I've ever been to.  Their roller coasters were not the fastest or the most thrilling I've ever ridden.  Their funnel cake and pizza . . .well, that was actually probably the best I've ever had.  But the time we spent there was magical, and we have memories.
Best. Funnel. Cake. Ever.
When you walked those boards, you were walking on the history of so many families.  So many traditions.  Vacation.  Weekends.  Summer.  Carefree.  Waves crashing.  Sun shining.  Kites flying.  Ice cream and french fries and funnel cake . . . for dinner!
Flying High over the Boardwalk
One of my favorite pictures of my mother-in-law was taken in much younger, more carefree days at the Shore.  It embodies what I felt when I was there.  A moment frozen in time that captured happiness, relaxation, fun and family.  It was like an escape from reality.  A surreal place of games and rides and beach and food.  It was kind of like a time-out where you got to just be a kid no matter how old you were.
Dr. Smooth attacked by a wave
I truly cannot imagine the pain and devastation of those who lost their homes, their businesses, their family or friends.  I am so sorry for your loss, and I pray for your recovery.  But I also hurt for those who held the Jersey Shore dear as a link to childhood, to youth, to family, to carefree summers, and the past.   The place may be gone, but the memories, pictures in our minds, live on.  
Ocean City Spray
I'm All Ears!
Chocolate Custard for My Knight
Wildwood, New Jersey
Boardwalk Fries
Dr. Smooth overtaken
American Pride
Boardwalk Lights as far as the eye can see!
Wonderland Ferris Wheel
Moonlight Dancing on the Atlantic
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I Love Paris Because . . .

Food is definitely one of the reasons Paris is my favorite city. The wine, the sauces, the bread, the crepes, the pastries. But one of the things I really love is La Cure Gourmande.
La Cure Gourmande
Paris, France


The biscuits and sweets are to die for, but the entire shop is a journey into a pastel and sugary aromatic playground of visual delights. I am on a sugar high before I even take a bite just from wandering through here. I wanted to share this experience with you. Too bad there's no scratch 'n sniff or lick 'n taste on your screen! (don't try it!)
How do you pick just one?
Too pretty to take anything off the shelf!