Saturday Through My Lens: Caribbean Cruise

Posted by on March 16, 2013

This week's Saturday Through My Lens takes us on a Caribbean cruise.  I've really been wanting to cruise lately, and I thought I'd invite you all to come with me.  I can't afford to take all of you--heck, I can't even afford to take me right now--but I'll share these photos from our last cruise with you and we can pretend we're there.

Palm Tree, cruise, Caribbean, Turks and Caicos, Margaritaville

There is something so relaxing about a palm tree.   If you concentrate hard enough on this picture, you may be able to smell the tanning oil and feel the warm, tropical breeze.

Palm Fronds, Cruise, Turks & Caicos, Margaritaville, Caribbean

Listen closely and you'll hear the wind whisper "RELAX.  COME STAY AWHILE" as it rustles through the leaves.

Palm frond leaves at Margaritaville during our Turks & Caicos cruise

Palm leaves provide the perfect shade at the beach. As the wind moves them, tiny bursts of sunlight break through and cascade down on your skin, giving you just the right amount of warmth between the shadows.  But then the shadows move and the light changes, so nothing gets too warm or feels left in the dark.

The brilliant blue water of Turks & Caicos during our cruise.

But no worries if you get too warm.  Just follow the sound of crashing waves into the cool refreshing Caribbean waters.

Fish swimming beneath the surface on our Turks & Caicos cruise.

You'll encounter plenty of other swimmers in this crystal clear water.

Jellyfish in the Caribbean during our Turks & Caicos cruise

But if the other swimmers are as clear as the water, it's best to leave them alone.

Sealife at Princess Cays on our Caribbean Cruise

It's always fun to meet the natives when you visit exotic locales.

Jellyfish on a rock in Turks & Caicos during our Caribbean Cruise

Some natives should be avoided though.  They are beautiful to look at, but can really cause a lot of pain.  Just like some people I know.

Princess Cruise Ship at Princess Cay

It's tempting to just let the boat leave us behind and stay in this tropical paradise forever.

Sea grapes at Princess Cay

Would we ever tire of greens and blues and want to sail away home?

Playing in the wind on the beach during the cruise

Is it possible that we would ever want to hang up our towels and leave the sun and sand behind?

sunset from Princess Cruise

Eventually the sun sets on all vacations.  Because if we stayed there, it would become normal and routine. It wouldn't be so magical if we saw it every day.  So we'll sail home.   But I'm going to keep a bag packed, just in case you want to go again.

5 Responses to Saturday Through My Lens: Caribbean Cruise

  1. Donna Peters

    Loved my Caribbean cruise with you my friend !!!

  2. peter tirelli

    loved it

  3. Michael O'Feild

    Love the Caribbean. We have hit the eastern, western and/or southern 31 times now. Only have about three or four islands left to go and we will have hit all that have ports. With this year’s cruises we should finally hit all of the islands with ports.

    • The Goddess Howe

      What would you say is your favorite port? My bucket list includes hitting them all, but what would you say is the definite must-see???

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