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The Goddess Howe is actually Leslie Howe, a writer, artist, actress, wife, mother, friend, etc. After flourishing careers in event planning and public education, Leslie has taken the leap to pursuing her dreams in the arts.

Why Is a Heroine Over 40 A Taboo Subject?

The romance publishing industry frowns quite sternly on any heroine over the age of 30.¬† It’s a rarity to find a best-selling romance with a leading lady that has already left her twenties behind. It seems that if the storyline focuses on love and passion over “a certain age”, it pushes the book into the women’s fiction genre and out of the romance genre. Yet…as people over the age of 30 would readily confirm, it happens! Despite¬†how far-fetched (or disgusting) it may seem to those still seeped in youth. Continue reading »

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Movie Review: The Accountant

We decided to pull the ultimate trick on trick or treaters last night and use the money we would normally spend on candy to go out to eat and to a movie. While I missed seeing all the costumes and grinning faces, I enjoyed the date night with My Knight and I really enjoyed the … Continue reading »

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Turning the Mom Page

Somehow I blinked and my 2yo graduated from high school. I’ve known all along my job was to raise him not to need me, but I’m not so sure now that the time has come that I’m ready to turn the page. Can’t I reread a chapter from the past or just stay here a little longer? Continue reading »

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The Revenant Roach

Knowing that a fear is irrational does not make it any less powerful. For instance, I know there is no reason to be terrified of cockroaches. They are much smaller than me. They are, for all intents and purposes, harmless. (Well, if you don’t consider the ramifications of spreading disease, germs, and bacteria.) It’s quite … Continue reading »

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