A Valentine for My Knight

Posted by on February 14, 2013

Today is Valentine’s Day, and I’m a hopeless romantic, so I hope you’ll pardon me if I use this very public forum to tell the world how much I love my husband.  You might want to get some wine and crackers, cause it might get a bit cheesy up in here….

Hot Air Balloon Ride for Anniversary Vow Renewal

I thought that someday I would find someone

           who would automatically know what I needed.

Someone who would automatically know what I wanted.

Someone who would accept me just as I am.

I thought that someday I would find someone

           who was everything I had looked for.

But instead I found you.

My Knight in our hotel window in Paris

Someone who has helped me learn to communicate my needs

     and stand up for myself in a relationship…

          instead of just assuming the other person should know

               and holding them in contempt when they didn’t..

Someone who supports me in pursuing my wants

     and is willing to sacrifice to help me get there,

          but also inspires me to put his wants before my own

                    and consider the whole before the half.

Someone who accepted me as I was in my brokenness,

     but encouraged me

          and stood by me and loved me

               while I grew and healed, moving toward becoming the best me I can be.

Someone who was so many things I was not looking for,

     and yet I am so happy to have found.

My Knight and I at the top of Notre Dame in Paris.

For your commitment to our love,

for your willingness to accept responsibility and strive to do better,

for your never-ending support and encouragement,

for your ability to make me smile,My Knight in a Goofy Hat at the Magic Kingdom

for your incredible passion and romance, for your cheesiness and love of chick flicks, for your loyalty to family and friends, for your desire to see the best in others, for your unending devotion to animals, for your steps beside me on a journey of faith, for your efforts in providing for our family, for your patience with my challenges being domestic,My Knight, My Love, My Valentine for your willingness to fly in a plane for hours, for your acceptance and love of my son, for your never-ending work for our healthy marriage, and for your sexy bald head and smokin’ hot body ….for all these things I love you, and I am so glad you’re mine. My Knight in Flight in front of Notre Dame in Paris. You said living with me is like being in Paris every day, and I say right-back-atcha, but for different reasons! Happy Valentine’s Day to My Knight!

17 Responses to A Valentine for My Knight

  1. Tammy Tamara

    Love it Leslie! You couldn’t have said it any better! Happy Valentines Day to you and John! Love how you love! 🙂

    • The Goddess Howe

      Thanks, Tammy! Happy Valentine’s Day to the two of you as well! So happy to see Brother Jim happy!

  2. Emma Salemi

    Omg… Almost cry and could feel every word…. I am so happy for both of you and my family is blessed having all of you as friends!

    • The Goddess Howe

      Thanks Emma! We are equally blessed to have you guys!! Love you!!

  3. Jackie

    Its true that a picture writes a thousand words….your words agree with your pictures. thanks for sharing you with us…:)

  4. John

    WOW! I almost couldn’t finish reading it due to my eyes watering up. I love you so much baby. You are so freaking awesome. This is got to be my favorite post ever. Ha ha ha tee hee hee

    • Donna Peters

      Leslie thanks so much for sharing!!! You and John are an inspiration to me. I love how you word things. Happy Valentines Day Leslie and John

      • The Goddess Howe

        Thanks Donna! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your John too!

    • The Goddess Howe

      Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Jan sheldon

    He’s a good man and I just want to rub his head for luck!

    • The Goddess Howe

      Yes, he is! And you know you can, anytime…although I recommend right after a shave!!

  6. Jenn Rugh

    Love they way you love each other. And love, love, love that 3rd pic of the two of you. Sweet!

  7. me


  8. Mom

    This post just reinforces my thankfulness that you found THIS someone to rescue you.

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