2015 Golden Globes Recap

Golden Globe statue, Golden Globes 2015Awards season is underway as we count down to Oscars, the Super Bowl of the entertainment industry. Last night was the Golden Globes, the biggest precursor to the Academy Awards, recognizing the best of the previous year's offerings in film and television. There were no huge surprises at this year's Globes.  No scandalous or outrageous gowns.  No unfortunate omissions or surprising confessions in acceptance speeches.  All in all, it was somewhat of a ho-hum presentation.  For what it's worth, here's my recap.  (spoiler alert: this recap reveals winners!) MONOLOGUE
Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Golden Globes 2015
photo credit: usmagazine.com
Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, who have killed it the past couple of years, were (yawn!) underwhelming.  My favorite moment of their monologue was probably their reference to George Clooney's lifetime achievement award in light of his wife's outstanding and impressive accomplishments. It's always interesting to see the celebrities' panicked eyes and pasted-on smiles when their name is called for the monologue, mentally preparing to react on camera no matter what joke is made at their expense.  Some roll with it so naturally they almost appear to be in on the joke (Steve Carell).  Others seem a little uncomfortable and uncertain as they play along (Emma Stone). Fey and Poehler's dig at North Korea in the monologue was funny and well-timed, but the continued appearances of a "North Korean general" dragged and didn't play as funny. Their Bill Cosby jokes at the end were met with mixed but mostly negative reactions from the crowd, but they continued to follow the script, digging ever deeper into a controversial and uncomfortable subject.  I personally didn't find it humorous.  If he's guilty, we're joking about women being drugged and raped.  Not funny.  If he's not guilty and has somehow been attacked by dozens of lying women, the jokes further smear and destroy his public image even though he has not been convicted.  Either way, not funny. This was Poehler and Fey's last year hosting (although in Hollywood, never say never.)  They are such funny women.  I would have liked more bang for their last buck.  (click here to see their full monologue from last night's show) FASHION
Jennifer Lopez, Golden Globes 2015
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The ever-gorgeous J-Lo.  I thought this dress looked uncomfortable with the fabric stretched tight underneath her cleavage and a bead or wire poking into into her breast throughout her red carpet interviews and award presentation.  The critics have declared her the star of the evening, though.  Her co-presenter Jeremy Renner was impressed enough to proclaim that J-Lo had "the globes." MY PERSONAL FAVORITES:
Julianne Moore, Golden Globes 2015, Best Dressed
photo credit: LA Times

#1 is Julianne Moore in Givenchy--sequins and feathers?????? It doesn't get any better than that!

Jessica Chastain Golden Globes 2015
photo credit: Hollywood Reporter

#2: Jessica Chastain in Versace: Va-va-voom!  Even though it plunged and I'm a bit ready for the severely plunging neckline trend to go, the beautiful bronze metallic and incredible flow of this dress was perfect with her skin and hair! Loved it.

Lupita Nyong'o Golden Globes 2015
photo credit: LA Times

#3: Lupita Nyong'o: because it's purple and flowy and fluffy, and it's Lupita!

Catherine Zeta Jones Golden Globes Salsa Dancing Emoji
photo credit: justjared.com

Catherine Zeta-Jones looked fabulous in red, setting Twitter ablaze with comparisons to the red-dressed emoji salsa dancer.

Jane Fonda Golden Globes 2015
photo credit: usmagazine.com

Jane Fonda: OMG.  The woman is 77 years old.  Stunning.  Amazing.  I'm thinking she didn't stop doing the Jane Fonda workout when the rest of the country moved on.

WINNERS: I intentionally try to avoid any picture I think will be an Oscar Best Picture nominee because my friends and I participate in the AMC Best Picture Showcase for a marathon of movies right before the Academy Awards.  After seeing the number of awards taken by Boyhood and Birdman last night, I am certain they will both be in the Showcase, and I can't wait to see them!
Eddie Redmayne Golden Globes 2015
photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
  I have seen Theory of Everything, however, and I feel confident saying Eddie Redmayne deserved the win without even seeing his competition.  His physical transformation to play Stephen Hawking was extraordinary.  The range of emotions, strengths and vulnerabilities he  brought to the role were truly award-worthy. Always nice to see a newcomer win, but I loved the number of old favorites getting some recognition.  Patricia Arquette, Julianne Moore,  Michael Keaton, and of course, Kevin Spacey.   ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES: Truly my favorite part of any awards show.  I love hearing the heartfelt emotions, the gratitude, the excitement.  Acceptance speeches  make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Last night did not disappoint in that regard. Jane the Virgin newcomer Gina Rodriguez revealed her dad had always encouraged her to say each morning, "Today is a good day.  I can.  I will."  She tearfully thanked him with "Today is a good day.  I can, and I did!" Michael Keaton's touching speech referenced his blue-collar upbringing as one of seven children and thanked his best friend, son Sean.George and Amal Clooney Golden Globes 2015 But my favorite was George Clooney.  He reminded Hollywood's elite that each person in the room had already grasped the brass ring.  There were no losers there, regardless of whether or not they took home a trophy.  He rallied us to defend the right for free speech and stand with France (Je suis Charlie!).  Then he set the internet on fire with his loving tribute to his new bride, Amal.  He acknowledged how nice it is to find love in life, and told his beautiful and accomplished wife how honored he was to be her husband. Which brings me to the true star of my night, My Knight, who watched the festivities with me all the way from red carpet to final award.  I am so blessed to have a husband who supports my interests, my passions, and my hobbies.  I love that man!

Happy Freakin’ New Year

It's a new year! It's a new day!  It's a new me!
New Year's Eve hats
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Blah.  Blah.  Blah. Isn't it funny how every December, we get so excited for all the possibilities the new year holds?  Like many people I know, I love the idea of the "fresh, clean slate" of January 1st.  As a longtime friend recently put it, even though it's just another day, it somehow feels different.  It feels new.  Like you get to start all over again. Awesome! I embrace the new beginning, running toward at full-speed, although those of you who read this post may question how fast my full-speed actually is. In preparation for my transformation, I earmarked pages in magazines and clipboarded sections of blogs and online articles with grandiose plans of new ways of doing things.  I just knew when the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, there'd be a new sheriff in town.  Gone would be the days of unorganized, unhealthy, unthrifty, and just in general "un" me. I'd be back on Weight Watchers eating healthy.  I'd do yoga every morning and cardio at least 30 minutes per day.  Eight hours of sleep--no more staying up in front of a movie, buried in a good book, or playing Words with Friends til my eyes crossed.  I'd vacuum every single day, a necessary by-product of a dog who sheds enough hair to cloak a small horse. I printed out menu planning templates with color-coded Post-it notes to create a binder and answer the dreaded "What's For Dinner?" question a month in advance.  I bought foam for a vision board and carefully cut out magazine pictures and words that spoke to my being and called to my soul, helping me visualize my innermost yearnings and bring them to fruition.  I ruminated over time schedule layouts to maximize my productivity and get the most out of my different hats as a freelance writer, novelist, wife, mom, friend, woman, human being, etc. I decided to create a gratitude journal so our family could document the new year's happy moments each night at dinner.  I cut out more magazine pictures to decorate the journal. I. Was. Ready.  Charged up and crouched at the 2015 start line, waiting for the Times Square ball to drop the gauntlet on the emergence of "new me". I didn't jump out of the gate exactly as I had planned, though.  After a really late New Year's Eve at a Billy Joel concert and a crap breakfast at 2am, I slept in on the big day.  But when I did get up, I was ready to take on the world and bask in the universe's starlights shining down on me. But then My Knight and I sat out on the porch and chatted a while.  We checked Facebook.  We watched TV.  We took a nap and woke up groggy.  We went out to dinner. Stayed up late and watched a movie. January 2nd rolled in, and the menu planning templates and post-it notes were covered by the mail.  The magazine clippings for the vision board and gratitude journal scattered across the floor when the dogs crashed into the pile I left by the couch. January 3rd just didn't inspire me.  I shuffled from room to room, staring at the fragments of my unfinished projects with dread, guilt, and disdain. Ping pong with the boys and a late afternoon nap seemed more fitting for a Saturday. Sunday the 4th was a delightful day of celebration--a dear friend's birthday party, an improv class, and a late airport pick-up and dinner with my college roommate. So here I sit.  January 5th.  Five days into the wondrous spectacle of the "new me."  The slate is already dusty.  There ain't a meal planned for tonight, much less the rest of the week or month.  The yoga mat's still in the bottom of my closet, covered in flip-flops.  The floor needs to be combed vacuumed.  I stayed up til almost one last night, and I woke up with a headache and a deficiency of desire to move. Bah humbug. Scarlett O'HaraBut I shall not give up, dear friends.  I shall persevere.  After all, as Scarlett so eloquently instilled within me, "Tomorrow is another day." So here's the deal.  If you made a crapload of resolutions and commitments for the new year, and you are on day 5 of keeping it real--you go on with your bad self!!  I am knocked-out with admiration and respect for you. If, however, you're wondering where the last five days went and lamenting that it's pretty much February already, then join with me in proclaiming tomorrow--January 6th-- to be A FRESH, CLEAN SLATE!! That's right, friends and neighbors.  Tomorrow, January 6, 2015 is a new day.  A great day to start improving and doing and being all that you can be.  A fantastic day to finally put in place all those changes you've been pondering. In fact, it's probably better to start tomorrow than if we had actually gotten it together for January 1st.  The 1st is really overrated, don't you think?  Why be conformists?  Why do what everyone else is doing?  Anyone could start over on New Year's Day!  But the 6th?  That takes some special chutzpah. YIPPEE!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I am so excited I can barely contain myself right now.  I just can't wait for tomorrow to get here so I can be more organized, more efficient, more creative, more driven.  I'll be thinner, healthier, better-rested, and more focused.  I'll be all that and then some.  Tomorrow. So now that the pressure and guilt are gone from today, I think I'll have a glass of tea and some boiled peanuts.  Take in an episode of Love it or List It.  Maybe a nap. Who's with me?