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New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

So it’s the end of another year.  And along with looking back on the accomplishments, lessons, and blessings of the past year, we’re all supposed to come up with “resolutions” for the new year.  Changes we’d like to make.  Things we’d like to start doing. Or stop doing.  Or learn how to do. I don’t … Continue reading »

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Runner Girl

I am not a runner.  But I want to be. One of my best friends and suite-mates in college was a runner, and that girl had the most beautiful legs God has ever gifted a woman.  There are just something about a runner’s legs.  They’re always pretty. So I want to be a runner and … Continue reading »

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A Knight, A Wench, and a Medieval Fair

My Knight and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in November, and as we do every year, we renewed our vows.  Shortly before we got married, we learned that friends of ours renew their vows every year and have done so for more than 50 years!  The lovely wife described it so romantically and with such … Continue reading »

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Hey Y’all! I’m Back!

Well, hey y’all!  How have you been? Are the holidays treating you well, my friends? It’s been a while since you heard from me here; Life has been busy with much cause for cheer. My Knight’s brother Jim married a sweet girl named Tammy, So we spent a few days celebrating with family. Then we … Continue reading »

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