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Adventure Girl

I love a good adventure. I am an adventure girl, though probably not in the traditional sense most people associate with the label. I don’t mean an adventure like roughing it under the stars in a sleeping bag with a kettle of beans over a fire I built with a couple of rocks and some … Continue reading »

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Hit (and Dent) and Run: That’s RUDE!

I was picking up Dr. Smooth from a friend’s house, and as I stood talking with the friend’s mom in the driveway, Dr. Smooth noticed a dent and a hole in the front bumper of my car. “Mom! Someone hit your car!” he exclaimed. “What?!?” And sure enough, someone had indeed bashed the front bumper of … Continue reading »

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Saturday Through My Lens: Rainy Day

And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down…… This past week, the Sunshine State has been a little short on sun. It is gray and dreary and spooky outside.  The raindrops are too big to fit through the screen, so they form a beautiful roof of glass and crystals over my pool.  Tiny insects surf … Continue reading »

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