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Embracing the Unknown

Wow.  I haven’t posted here in a week.  Life seemed to swirl around me in shifting currents of change and uncertainty lately, and I couldn’t find not one humorous little story to convey in the midst of it.  So I chose not to write for a few days, and I miss it.  I miss this.  … Continue reading »

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Yoga at Home…with Dogs

In an effort to cut expenses and support my habit as a full-time writer, I gave up my gym membership.  I have a bazillion workout tapes and apps available at home, and I figured I would just get my sweat on here. But can I just go on record as saying that yoga at home … Continue reading »

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Saturday Through My Lens: Tuscany, Italy

One of my very favorite places is Florence, Italy.  The history, the people, the architecture, the beauty.  The River Arno. The dazzling centerpiece of Florence is Duomo and Campanile of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fioro.  They are masterpieces of green, white, and pink marble. The Campanile, also known as Giotto’s Tower, is 278 … Continue reading »

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Could I Get a Blog Roll, Please?

I read blogs every week.  Some make me laugh out loud, and some make me cry.  Some inspire me and make me really look at myself, or challenge me and make me want to live differently.  Others make me cringe and go “Wow, I can’t believe she typed that!” ;o) So today, I give you…(drumroll please)….my … Continue reading »

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