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Just Write. Words.

Just Write.  That’s the challenge.  Some days the words pour through me uncontrollably as though a plug was pulled, and my soul is draining with each keystroke.  They come fast and furious, one right after another, stories and memories and characters and plots all weaving together seamlessly as my fingers fly. Other days the words … Continue reading »

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And You Thought Your Handy Man Was Hot!

Luckily for me, My Knight is very handy around the house.  He’s always fixing something, hanging something, cleaning out something.  I try not to watch when he’s up on the roof, and I try not to interfere too much when he’s busy.  (Lest I be put to work alongside him! ha!) One night he had … Continue reading »

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Saturday Through My Lens: Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

This week’s Saturday Through My Lens is almost a Sunday Through My Lens. It’s been a crazy week and a busy day, but the clock hasn’t struck midnight yet, so I’m still gonna call it Saturday Through My Lens! This week’s edition features Shakespeare & Company Bookstore in Paris, France. The ORIGINAL Shakespeare & Company … Continue reading »

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When Did I Get Too Old to Dance?

So I spent the afternoon playing Just Dance on the Wii (with my adopted daughter that my friend is kind enough to loan me from time to time so I can get my girlie-fix!)  She and I battled it out for several songs, and she remarked that I was a good dancer. Giiiiirrrrrllllll, back in … Continue reading »

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