Oscar Recap 2013

Hooray For Hollywood!   Oscars Weekend is pretty much MY SuperBowl weekend, Oscar Awards Recap 2013and I had a busy one this year.  I rented Argo Friday night, and then I watched five best picture nominees at the AMC Best Picture Showcase on Saturday.  Fourteen hours in a theater seat is dedication, people.  I sacrificed most of the feeling in my butt in my support of the movie industry! It was hard for me to pick a clear winner going into last night’s show, because the nominees had such different gifts to offer.  I delighted in the visually stunning beauty of Pi, bit my knuckles with the suspense and storytelling of Argo, cried and laughed with the hopeless romanticism of Silver Linings, absolutely LOVED Les Mis close up and on film, and I am still thinking about the moral and ethical complexity and grayness of Zero Dark Thirty.  Luckily, I’m not in the Academy (yet) and I didn’t have to choose just one. But now on to the recap of the Oscars: Continue reading "Oscar Recap 2013"

Saturday Through My Lens: An Alligator Baby Bedtime Story

This week's Saturday Through My Lens features a real sweet story about my neighbor and her new babies.

Florida Alligator

Once upon a time, I went to visit my neighbor at the end of my street.

Florida Alligator

We don't talk much. She's the quiet type. Florida Alligator Babies

It was a special occasion 'cause she had just brought out her brand new babies. Continue reading "Saturday Through My Lens: An Alligator Baby Bedtime Story"

Is It Only Me?

Some days I feel like I'm okay, and I can conquer the world. Some days I feel so overwhelmed that life just spins and twirls. I try so hard to be all things, to wear so many hats. Mom, wife, daughter, friend, someone who writes & acts. But there are days when it all seems to be too much for me, And I just wish I could relax and allow myself to BE. I constantly feel I should do better, work harder, and try more. I question if I am enough, on myself I declare a war. I need to write, I need to clean, I need to exercise. My skin is wrinkled, my hairs are grey, and I can't stand my thighs. Continue reading "Is It Only Me?"

Saturday Through My Lens: Venice, Italy

 Today's Saturday Through My Lens features photos I took on a trip to Venice, Italy years ago.

Gondola Center Stage

Venice is a magical city of water, wine, gondolas, music, and great Italian food!

Bridge to Pasta

It is as though the entire city flooded, and the residents couldn't be bothered to bail out.  So they just bought boats and carried on with life. Continue reading "Saturday Through My Lens: Venice, Italy"