Is Surfing a Sport? ‘Cause I’m not an Athlete!

It’s probably not a surprise to y’all that I’m not athletic.  (I’ll pause here in case therelittle league baseball trophy are sharp intakes of breath or gasps of shock…none?? Okay, we’ll carry on.)  I will never be bringing home sports trophies or ribbons. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sports.  Or that I don’t try.  I’m just not athletically gifted.  I can’t even do ping pong well.  (Is that a sport?  Or was that just on Forrest Gump?) Continue reading "Is Surfing a Sport? ‘Cause I’m not an Athlete!"

Parenting Brave While Freaking Out

I read a post this week about raising brave sons.  It was well-written, well-thought-out, and it left me wondering if I am somehow failing to raise Dr. Smooth bravely.  Isn't it funny how we can read the words of others and question ourselves based on their opinion? Luckily, I also read a hilarious post from Jenny from the Blog about neurotic mothers.  Of the two ends of the spectrum, I definitely fit much more with Jenny in the neurosis end of parenthood.  Although I do have a brave son who is quite a risk-taker, and I am proud of him for that, it is something that completely freaks me out. I want Dr. Smooth to have a life of breathtaking experiences.  I want him to rock climb the highest mountain in Utah, hot air balloon over the valleys in France, snow ski in the Swiss Alps, and go on safari in Africa.  But I would like for him to do all this in complete and utter safety without any injuries, illnesses, threats or risks. skateboard off picnic table at outdoor skate park This parenting thing is a tight-rope that I am unsure of balancing on at times. Continue reading "Parenting Brave While Freaking Out"

Is That Dog Poop I Smell???

One of My Knight’s selling points for Harvey the RV was that we could take the dogs with us.  We have four, and it’s always sad to leave them behind when we travel.  So I have to say that once we got Harvey on the road and actually camping, one of the things I have enjoyed about camping is having the dogs with us.  (I still can’t believe I just put the words “enjoyed” and “camping” in the same sentence.)
Camping Cavachon (mix of Bichon Frise and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
The weekend before Christmas may make me change my mind about camping with dogs. Continue reading "Is That Dog Poop I Smell???"

Give Me A Dose of Kindness; Hold the Criticism Please

Have you ever noticed that we are completely inundated with judgment?  Maybe I notice it more these days since jumping off the cliff into pursuing my dream full-time.  I have been given an amazing amount of support and encouragement, but I have also received a lot of condemnation and disapproval. A mosaic eye tile from the NYC Subway It has really made me think about how much we all weigh in on other people’s lives.  We are bombarded every day by criticism.  Facebook, blogs, television, magazines, family, friends.  We live under a microscope of scrutiny in which others judge our choices and decisions.  And while I won’t say that men are immune to it or not involved in it, I think it is worse among women.  Women seem to examine each other against impossible standards, as if life wasn’t hard enough on its own! Continue reading "Give Me A Dose of Kindness; Hold the Criticism Please"