Snake in the Tub: An End to All Bubble Baths

Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the tub! Dr. Smooth was weeding the flower bed in front of my bathroom window and called me outside to see a rather long snake skin that had been left there. It was obviously a statement from the snake. It was a warning. And it worked. When we first looked at this house, I walked into the master bedroom and saw this tub.
garden tub where snake in the tub was found
The Mac Daddy of Bubble Bath Tubs
That did it. Sold. I had to have this house. You see, I love(d) me a bubble bath. And this tub was perfect for it! It has one garden tub perfect for reading or bubble baths, or a snake in the tubside for sitting up reading and another side for reclining back to relax and sink under the scented, warm, silky-soft water. Covered in bubbles, surrounded by candles, reading a good book, calming music---that was a little slice of heaven and relaxation that I treasured. Until the fateful morning that I woke up and found a snake in the tub. Continue reading "Snake in the Tub: An End to All Bubble Baths"

Blood, Needles, Movies and France

Blood mobile, give blood, donate blood, the gift of lifeOur church believes in giving, so on some regular schedule that I have never figured out, the blood bus shows up for everyone to donate blood.  I have always had a slight aversion to needles, especially those piercing my skin.
It's not that it hurts overly much, but the anticipation of it nearly drives me to tears.  Oh, who am I kidding?! It has driven me to tears on more than one occasion, which is almost always embarrassing (eyes watering, not sobbing. I'm not THAT wimpy).
But since it seems unlikely that I will be able to save lives in the normal course of my daily routine, I think it's important to give blood and make the effort at saving lives that way.
A couple of years ago, I was settled in one of the bus recliners with a nice cup of OJ, giving blood, donating bloodtrying hard not to pay attention to the nurse about to stab me in the arm.  I usually talk non-stop to the other people in the bus in my efforts to ignore it (and those of you making mental comments asking how that is different from any other time I'm talking should be ashamed of yourselves).