Harvey the RV

So I am sure that many of you would question my sanity (or more realistically question My Knight's sanity) if I told you we went camping again after the flooded festival.  I would be there right there with you, but the truth is, we did venture out in a few more tent camping trips. I continued to marvel at how anyone can think it is fun to sleep on the ground (or on an air mattress on the ground), tossing and turning in the inevitable dirt and sand that gets tracked into a tent.Camping in West Virginia in tents I struggled to understand the relaxing component of packing as though we are going to move, then unpacking it all at the campsite, then repacking it for the trip back home and unpacking again.  Hell, I struggle with fitting everything into one suitcase for a trip to Europe, and that's just clothes.  Ask me to pack utensils, cookware, towels, lanterns, batteries, bug spray....Not Relaxing. And I will never believe that vacation should consist of cooking all my own meals, with bare minimum utensils and cookware, and then scrubbing the dishes clean underneath a water hose. Continue reading "Harvey the RV"

I Believe in Santa Claus

SANTA CLAUS SPOILER ALERT:  Nothing major, but read it to yourself before you go randomly reading it aloud in front of others.  (and if you usually randomly read my blog aloud in front of others, please tell me.  I really want to know about that!) A few years ago, I got the inevitable question from Dr. Smooth. Dr. S:  "Is Santa Claus real?"Santa Claus Figurine Brazil 1907 Me:  "Of course." Dr. S:  "I mean, is he like a real person?" Me:  "Of course not.  How would a real person travel all over the world delivering presents in one night?  And how would he fit down the chimney?  Or get in the houses that don't have chimneys?  Don't be ridiculous." Dr. S:  "Does he poop?"  (typical boy question) Continue reading "I Believe in Santa Claus"

Stellar Gifts for the Impossible to Buy For

It always comes down to that last few names on the list that are impossible to buy for.  They either already have everything they want, or they don't have a lot of hobbies to work with, or you have given them everything you could ever think of already.  I mean, you can only buy so many golf balls, calendars, candles, and shirts before even you are bored with the gift, which means they probably are too. Dr. Smooth has come to the rescue on this one with some web-browsing on www.thisiswhyimbroke.com.  He found some fan-freakin'-tastic gift ideas that will certainly make this a Christmas that the impossible-to-buy-for won't soon forget!

#1.  TheJetLev R200

Water Jet Pack JetLev R200 (video link to see it in action!) If your holiday shopping list includes an adventurist or water sports enthusiast who is impossible to buy for, then Dr. Smooth has quite the solution for you!  For a mere $100,000 your family member or friend could be soaring 30 ft above the water!    (The video helpfully points out that the boat that powers the jet pack follows you as you fly.  Good to know since without the boat's power I'd be plummeting into the water weighted down by the jet pack and the huge black tube.)  They say it's "surprisingly smooth", but seeing as how I can't even stay afloat on a raft, I don't think I'll be the envy of all my friends as I maneuver my own jet pack around yachts as shown in the video.  But hey, Dr. Smooth is definitely willing to try this one.  So if he's on your list and you're not done shopping. . . Continue reading "Stellar Gifts for the Impossible to Buy For"

O Christmas Tree, You Bring Out the Control-Freak in Me

Construction Paper ornament for the Christmas Tree
Memories Under Construction
So the other night my family gathered around to decorate the Christmas tree while holiday favorites played softly in the background, and the flickering light of candles danced off our glasses of egg nog.  Ummmm…..Yeah, not so much. And that’s possibly (okay, probably) partly my fault.  I might be a bit of a control freak when it comes to decorating the tree.  And I may have a smidgen of a problem with creating a Norman Rockwell scene in my head and then expecting real life to measure up. The first year I figured Dr. Smooth was old enough to help decorate, I had all Disney ornaments.  I had painted a lovely picture in my head of my little four-year-old oohing and aahing over the Disney ornaments as we carefully placed them on the tree together. Continue reading "O Christmas Tree, You Bring Out the Control-Freak in Me"