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Halloween Spooky Stuff

It seems appropriate to write something a little spooky for Halloween.  There’s only so much you can write about candy corn and caramel apples.  Halloween calls for something a little darker.  I think everyone probably has some little eerie event in their memory that they just can’t quite explain.  (I’m not talking about drunken college days; I’m … Continue reading »

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Balloons and Other Things Filled With Hot Air

I started to title this: “Nice people really bug me,” but that didn’t sound too . . . nice.  I mean, I’m a fan of nice people.   I am, really.  And I do strive to be a nice person.  But aren’t there times when you’re really just not in the mood for people to be … Continue reading »

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Penguin Eggs and Chewing Gum: Why I Quit Teaching

When people ask me why I stopped teaching, I think I am just going to say “Penguin Eggs and Chewing Gum”.  After all, I haven’t figured out how to wrap up five years of frustrations, tears, joys, triumphs, defeats, red tape, and nightmares into a quick, easy answer.  It doesn’t really fit into one sentence all neat and cheery with a … Continue reading »

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Not a Happy Camper

I am not a camper.  We camped quite often when I was a child, but I am not a camper.  I do love the outdoors.  I can hike all day, go whitewater rafting, horseback riding–I even did a midnight rainforest hike in Costa Rica with poisonous snakes, spiders, and creepy crawlies.  But I am not a camper.  At the end of my … Continue reading »

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